The Story: As written by R.W. Stephenson DC, PH.C. 1927 “Chiropractic Textbook”

Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all the properties and actions. The expression of this intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of life; therefore life is necessarily the union of intelligence and matter. Force unites intelligence and matter. Universal Intelligence gives force to both inorganic and organic matter. That force which Universal gives to organic matter as a higher order of its manifestations, is called Innate Intelligence. The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of the organic unit in active organization. It does this by adapting the forces of universal, (which as physical laws are unswerving and unadapted and have no solicitude for matter) so they can be used in the body; so that all parts will have co-ordinated action, thus every part has mutual benefit. This work of Innate is entirely Mental. For this reason the forces of Innate never injure or destroy the tissues. The forces of Innate are mental for they are far superior to physical forces, because they control physical forces. This assembling of universal forces is called Creation, for they have definite form and purpose, eventually.

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The headquarters of Innate’s control, in the body, is the brain, and the definite unit of this is called Brain Cell. From the brain cell as a unit, Innate controls a unit of matter. In the brain cell as a physical workshop of material, Innate Transforms the mental force into a definite unit, for a given tissue cell, for a given moment. This specific force, when transformed, is a force which is either a physical energy or a form that controls or sets into action, physical energies. It is called Mental Impulse. The departure of the mental impulse from the brain cell is called Propulsion. If it is like a physical energy it requires effort. The forces of Innate Intelligence operate through or over the nervous system. That which has efferent direction and which conducts the mental impulse is called Efferent Nerve. Since the physical energies can suffer interruption in their transmission, in a like manner, the forces of Innate can suffer interference with transmission; and that is the basis for the existence of Chiropractic. This comparison, also, is the basis of some theories, which contend that the mental impulse is a physical force and therefore subject to the same laws as any other physical force; but it should always be remembered that these physical energies are in the adapted form (if this theory is used) and therefore not injurious to tissue as electricity would be. The conveyance of the mental impulse over the efferent nerve is Transmission. Over this route of specialized material the mental impulse travels to Tissue Cell where it is Received, whereupon the mental conception of Innate, as to what that cell should be or how it should act, comes to pass. That which was only mental, now becomes a physical fact. It shows by its very character that an intelligence planned the form or the action, and this evidence of intelligence is called Expression; meaning the coming forth through matter; the showing of intelligence. Things which show this are said to be alive and such expression is called life. The character of this action is determined by the character of the tool used by Innate to express herself, therefore the purpose or the action of this tool which is the tissue cell, is Function. The function of matter is to express force. In the tissue cell, which is a specific kind of matter, the specific forces of Innate are expressed in a specific manner by an instrument built for the particular kind of expression. The prompt and correct action of that tissue cell, being actuated by Innate’s specific force in harmony with all other cells, is called Coordination. In this, we see the working of the law of cause and effect, and that every process requires time. In order to perform its function, the tissue cell has motion, both molecular and as a whole cell. This movement is called Vibration. These vibrations give off physical forces which are impressed upon the afferent nerve as a form of force called Impression. These impressions are transmitted over the Afferent Nerve. This Transmission is similar to transmission in the efferent half of the cycle, for the forces are similar. When it reaches the afferent Brain Cell, it is Received much in the same manner as the tissue cell receives, for brain cell is a tissue cell, after all. When this force has reached brain cell, it is immediately admitted into the Mental realm by Mental Interpretation. The product of this act of interpretation by Innate is a Sensation. When Innate has a number of sensations, she has a correct image of the condition of the tissue cell and this is named Ideation. Ideation can be the possession of nothing but intelligence. The intelligence in the body, of course, is Innate Intelligence. When Innate Intelligence knows what the tissue cell needs, she plans ways and means to make it adapt to its environmental conditions and the mental process of doing this is Intellectual Adaptation. The great source of supply from which Innate draws her forces is UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE.