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Statement of Purpose
To express life, to allow love to love through me and to help others do the same through the gift of Chiropractic. ​

Statement of Vision
To see a world full of people subluxation free, adapting at their optimal potential and expressing life to the fullest. 

To see NeuroSpinal Hygiene as a priority, recognized for its importance with respect to LIFE, improved structural integrity, its positive impact on reducing nerve interference and in turn, facilitating General Health and Well-Being.

Statement of Mission
To love, give and serve through chiropractic to facilitate healing and allowing for lives to thrive with optimal adaptation and expression of life.

To inspire and empower people through awareness, education and growth to develop a plan for improving theirs and their loved ones functional health and adaptability.  Firstly, through eradicating subluxation and promoting NeuroSpinal Hygiene, and then leading people through an inside-out approach in all aspects of their life.  

Purpose, Vision & Mission