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Chiropractic does NOT Treat Disease
Chiropractic care facilitates the body’s own restorative powers.  It removes barriers or obstacles to the full expression of potential, to allow the functioning necessary for health.  This is done through the adjustment directed to the areas of nerve system interference, all the while coordinating, communicating and integrating with other health professionals when indicated, to address all the 4 causes of interference.​​

Causes of Nerve System Interference

  1. Traumas (physical injuries, repetitive or postural strain, wear and tear, etc.)
  2. Toxins (exposure to environmental pollutants, pesticides, etc.)
  3. Thoughts (emotional stressors, impact of stress good or bad, etc.,)
  4. Tribes (gut microbiomes – bad bacteria)

4 Chiropractic Principles

  1. Your body is a self-healing organism.  You are designed to heal yourself.
  2. Within your body, your nervous system is the master controller.  This includes your brain, spinal cord, nerves and healing system of your body.
  3. If something interferes with the life flowing from your brain and spinal cord, your body will malfunction.  The result is always a body that functions at less than 100%.
  4. Chiropractic corrects this interference within your nervous system allowing you to live your life at your full potential.

Chiropractic Lifestyle
Chiropractic care is a life long process.   Think about this; if you brush your teeth once – does that mean that your teeth will be free of tartar day after day? Are you healthy after exercising for only one week or eating healthy for just one day?  Chiropractic care is no different.  Nerve system interference happens day in and day out and needs to be checked and corrected to allow for optimal health.  These interferences don’t always present with symptoms.  Consider the idiom about the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The proverb tells us “it is the LAST straw that breaks the camel’s back”.  That describes how an unpredictably large and sudden reaction results from the cumulative effect of seemingly minor or routine actions.  This perfectly illustrates the importance of lifelong care, and care for all ages.

The human body has an incredible inborn ability to heal, if given the conditions it needs to do so.Dr. Erin L. Marjerrison is passionate about family wellness and chiropractic care, she is here to help you be your very best.  Find the interference – correct it and the body will always move toward health and vitality.  Get started today; turn your power on, so that you can express your full potential in all that you do.​

Chiropractic care is about keeping your spine, nerve system and all the neuro-musculo-skeletal system healthy throughout your entire life.  Ben Franklin said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This couldn’t be truer.  The goal of chiropractic is to help you achieve “quality of life, for life.”

Chiropractic care increases your body’s ability to handle the stressors in your life to prevent you from reaching the outer limits where symptoms appear.  It is about creating balance to restore – and keep – normal physiology.

All chiropractic adjustments are adapted for the spine being cared for; be it that of a child, adult or senior, or during pregnancy.  Adjustments are extremely safe.  They remove stress from the neurospinal system, allowing for proper growth, development and health.  Remember “as the twig is bent so grows the tree”.  The sooner the correction is made and maintained, the better the health potential of the individual.

Chiropractic Lifestyle