About Us

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It is the vision of MCA Wellness Clinic to provide up-to-date, family oriented chiropractic and other multi-disciplinary healthcare to the public.  We have been proudly serving the beach since 2006.

Quality of life, for life.  By providing acupuncture (TCM & medical), chiropractic care, fascial stretch therapy (FST), naturopathic medicine, registered massage therapy, registered kinesiology, registered physiotherapy, registered psychotherapy and in the future other multi-disciplinary healthcare to the public, we will help people achieve excellent quality of life for their entire life.

We care for the entire population; pregnancy and infancy, youth, adults and seniors through all walks of life. Whether you are a high level athlete or a stay at home mother, in an executive position or doing manual labour we can help you achieve optimal health.  

Family wellness is our focus. We expertly care for practice members who are looking to move toward optimal health and life expression.  Often care starts with acute and chronic pain but we strive to encourage a shift towards a salutogenic model of health.

With advanced training in pregnancy and paediatric care (Webster Technique certified), deep tissue & relaxation massage therapy, reiki, registered physiotherapy, contemporary cupping, registered kinesiology, fascial stretch therapy (level 3 medical), Ki-Hara resistance stretching, naturopathic medicine including but not limited to clinical nutrition, botanical/herbal medicine, homeopathy, traditional asian medicine & acupuncture, lifestyle counselling and various forms of registered psychotherapy (individual therapy, family & parent coaching) we are well equipped to help you maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment, please go to our online booking or call: 416-690-2888.